For Your First Trip to Disneyland!

For those of you who didn’t grow up in Southern California or have never been to Disneyland yet and are now planning your first trip there, here are some of the top rides that you should not miss!

  • Fly over London on a pirate ship on Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasy Land!  Sail through the night with some pixie dust to Never Land with your favorite characters.
  • Take a magical boat ride in It’s a Small World and sing along with characters from around the world on this classic ride.
  • Ride down a waterfall in this log flume ride of Splash Mountain in Critter Country!  Listen to fun songs as you float down the river and past caves and then splash down a giant waterfall at the end!
  • Go on the thrilling Matterhorn Bobsleds in Fantasyland and race over snow-capped mountains, past rocky ledges and through icy winds to escape the Abominable Snowman.
  • Ride through cursed temples on the thrilling Indiana Jones Adventure in Adventureland and escape lava, the Gates of Doom, mummies and snakes with Indy’s help!

  • Wander through the Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square on a scary, thrilling adventure filled with ghosts, ghouls, graveyards and more!
  • Sail the seas aboard a pirate ship on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in New Orleans Square.  Come face to face with pirates, navigate foggy coves and see Captain Jack Sparrow try to get the treasure!
  • See the wonders of the world in Soarin’ Around the World in Grizzly Peak in California Adventure!  Soar through the sky and see beautiful sites on this exciting, unforgettable flight around the world.

There are tons of other rides that you will love on your first trip to Disneyland, and you should get the park hopper pass so you can go to both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure.  It’ll be a magical first trip to Disneyland!

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