Mentally Preparing for Waiting in Line

Disneyland is famous for long lines and huge crowds, especially during the summer peak season.  You stand in line for sometimes upwards of an hour just to go on your favorite rides, and waiting in line can get so boring.  So here are some things you can do to make that waiting a little bit easier.

Stand in line with your friends or family!  Time always goes by much faster when you’re waiting in line with people you know and can have fun conversations with.  Try telling jokes, plan other rides you’re going to go on, or just talk about what’s going on in your lives!

You can also turn on some music and sing along or dance while waiting in line.  Just be mindful of people and children around you.


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Try people-watching while you wait in line!  Look around at all the tourists and crowds of people around you and try making up a back story for each of them.  You can also do this with a friend and try coming up with wild and fun stories about these people!

If you’ve brought snacks with you, now is a good time to eat them while waiting in line.  Instead of sitting down to eat snacks, maximize your time and efficiency and have your snacks while waiting in line.

Lastly, you can play games with your friends like “Categories” and take turns naming something that belongs to that category.  Or play the “Alphabet game” and try to name the objects around for every letter of the alphabet, or “I Spy” or “Charades”!

So, while waiting in lines at Disneyland is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be boring and dull.  Try playing some of these games or activities with your friends and family and time will fly by!


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