The Secret Club 33

I’m sure you’ve heard of the secretive, elusive Club 33 at Disneyland:  the place where celebrities go which is not open to the public.  It exists, and here are the some interesting facts and history about Club 33!

Located in New Orleans Square on 33 Royal Street, Club 33 first opened in 1967.  In the 1960s, Walt Disney wanted to create a VIP lounge that was a special place to host celebrities, politicians, visiting dignitaries, investors and other special guests.  He wanted something that was fancy and exquisite… so, they built this club.

To join, members must pay a $25,000 initiation fee plus the usual $10,000 yearly fee upfront.  The waitlist to get a membership is several years long, unless you specifically already know a member that can refer you.

disneyland-club 33


Club 33 has numerous items that Walt Disney originally purchased in the 1960s.  The Main Dining Room is decorated like the early 19th century with beautiful chandeliers that light up the entire room.  There’s also art work on all the walls and fresh flowers everywhere.  In contrast, the second dining room, the Trophy Room, is a little bit less formal, and has a more jungle-like feel to it with leaves on the walls.  You are also served fine, gourmet meals with the option of exquisite wine.  Interesting fact: Club 33 is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol!

Furthermore, the dress code is pretty strict there.  For lunch, there are no tank tops, cutoffs, swimsuits, sweatpants, or flip flops allowed.  For dinner, the men must wear a collared shirt and slacks.  The women must wear either an informal dress or pants with a blouse.  No shorts are ever allowed, and cell phones must always be on silent.

So, while it costs a lot of money to be a member here, and reservations must still be made months in advance, it is the most exclusive, eloquent and secretive club at Disneyland. Start saving up your money today to join!


New Upcoming Disney Movies

We spend our childhood watching Disney movies and shows, and we quickly find our favorites.  And as adults now, we can relive those childhood moments with new Disney movies and at Disneyland.  Because even adults love Disney movies as much as kids do sometimes.  So, here are some of the newest upcoming Disney movies that you are going to love.

Coco will be released in theaters on November 22, 2017.  It tells a story of a boy named Miguel who wants to learn to be a musician, but he accidentally finds himself in the Land of the Dead.  There he learns about his family history and musical talent.  It’s an endearing story and entirely original and unique from most Disney films.

If you loved The Incredibles, well now there will be The Incredibles 2 finally!  In theaters on June 15th, 2018, this is the movie we have all been (very patiently) waiting for!  The return of Mr. Incredible and his family of superheroes make their return, with the help of Edna Mode for the amazing super suits!  Start getting excited for this one!

Mary Poppins Returns will also be debuting next Christmas, December 25th, 2018.  The wonderful Emily Blunt as our beloved Mary Poppins will light up our screens and holiday time as she brings back one of our favorite movies.


disney movies

Also, since we loved Frozen so much, Frozen 2 will be coming to theaters on November 29th, 2019!  I know, it’s a long way away, but it’s going to be magical!  We’ll see our favorite characters of Elsa, Anna and Olaf return to the snowy world that we love!

So, mark your calendars because there are some wonderful movies that we should start getting excited about!  We’ll see some of our favorite characters back up on the big screen.


Tips to Save Money at Disneyland

We all know that Disneyland can be expensive. Tickets cost money, food costs money, and every kid wants souvenirs each time you visit. Fortunately, we have some tips and ideas for saving money when you go to Disneyland and California Adventure.

  • Try to bring your own food when you are going to spend the day at Disneyland. Buying food for yourself, and your family, adds up. If you bring snacks, sandwiches and drinks or bottled water with you, you won’t have to spend as much money buying food. Or bring a reusable water bottle to refill it at the fountains.
  • If you have young children that love buying new toys or souvenirs every time you go to Disneyland, try bringing some toys with you instead! Bring souvenirs that you have previously brought, or bring their favorite toys. That way, they will be busy playing and enjoying the toys they currently have, rather than looking longingly at toys that they don’t have.


  • If you don’t have season passes, the cheapest time to buy tickets are during the off season, such as the fall and spring, and during the week instead of weekends. This will also be a less busy time, so smaller crowds.
  • Furthermore, paying for parking at Disneyland could also turn out to be expensive. Try taking Uber or Lyft from your hotel or house to Disneyland so you don’t have to pay to park.
  • If you plan on staying at a hotel, as much fun as it is to stay at the Disneyland Hotels, it can be expensive. Instead, stay at a hotel nearby and take Uber to the park and you’ll save a lot of money!

So, the next time you go to Disneyland and California Adventure, don’t worry about spending a lot of money. Just try some of these tips and you’ll still have a fantastic vacation with your family while saving money!

The Benefits of a Season Pass

Let’s be honest for a moment—tickets to amusement parks are usually expensive. And if you want the park hopper passes so you can go to more parks? Even more money. That’s why you should invest in a season pass, also called the “Disney Passports”.

There are several options you can choose from when buying a “Disney Passport” for you and your family.

  • The first option is the “Disney Southern California Select Passport”, where you can visit both parks on the same day and get 10% off select dining places and merchandise. However, there are block out dates where you can’t use your pass. This option is $339.
  • The second option is the “Disney Southern California Passport”, which is similar to the first option but you have a few less block out dates. This option is $469.
  • The third option is also similar, the “Disney Deluxe Passport”, with the 10% for both parks but even less block out dates. This option is $619.


  • The fourth option is the “Disney Signature Passport”, for both theme parks in the same day. You get 15% off dining and 20% off merchandise, but you also get parking included! There are less block out dates with this option, and it’s $849.
  • The last option is the “Disney Signature Plus Passport” with admission to both parks every day of the year, with no block out dates. You get 15% off dining and 20% off on merchandise as well as parking included. This option is $1,049.

Buying season passes is definitely the best investment if you’re going to go to Disneyland and California Adventure more than a couple times each year, and especially if you have kids. With the discounts you’ll get on food and souvenirs and the savings on tickets, these season pass options are the way to go!

Get the Disneyland App Today!

When you plan your trip to Disneyland, you spend hours planning what hotel to stay at, which park to visit each day, and the rides that you or your kids want to go on first.  But you can make your life so much easier by downloading the Disneyland App!

The Disneyland App is a must-have for your trip because they have the wait times for most of the rides!  No need to walk around the park to find a ride with a shorter line, just check the app for both Disneyland and California Adventure!

You’ll even be able to check the park hours and schedules, descriptions for new rides, and a list of the shows and parades that you can see.

disneyland app

You can also get a FASTPASS for certain rides right from the app!  See what time you can return to a ride with your FASTPASS time so you can go on other rides while you wait!

Furthermore, you can buy your tickets for the park from the app.  Don’t wait in those long ticket lines when you get there, just buy your tickets on the app and scan your barcode at the admissions gate!

You can even make dining reservations on the app and choose a table you want to sit at!  You can also easily cancel the plans if something else comes up.  Browse through restaurant menus for Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney so you can better choose where to eat.

And one of the best features of the app is you can find your favorite characters!  If your kids are aching to see their favorite superhero or character, just locate where they are or going to be on the app, and head there!

So, make your trip to Disneyland easier and more fun with the Disneyland App!

disneyland app

Your Dream Wedding

Imagine you’ve met the man or woman of your dreams, you’ve popped the question, and now you’re going to get married!  Congratulations!  This is such an exciting time!  There are so many things to plan for your magical wedding, from the guests to venue, color schemes to locations, the honeymoon and more!  Make your special day even more magical now by having a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding!

Plan your wedding at the happiest place on Earth at the Disney Resort in Florida, Disneyland in California, Disney Aulani in Hawaii or on a Disney Cruise!  Stay at beautiful resort hotels and plan every wonderful moment of your fairy tale wedding!

Plan your wedding and browse through Disney’s dream boards for ideas and inspiration.  Search beautiful accessories, cakes, decorations, dresses, flower bouquets, venues and more!  Then, select your favorite color palettes to go with your ideas from the dream boards.



In addition, you can connect with a Disney Wedding Consultant and they will help you plan your fairy tale wedding.  Give them your ideas and vision for your magical day, and they will design and plan it with you.

For your honeymoon, get whisked away to another fairy tale adventure at any of Disney’s magical resorts like Disneyland Tokyo, Hong Kong or Paris!  Another interesting idea is to go on an amazing cruise through the Bahamas or Europe.  Or even spend your honeymoon relaxing at the beaches in Hawaii, Florida or South Carolina.  You can even go on a whirlwind adventure to Asia, Africa, or Australia, and go on safari, snorkeling or hiking through rainforests!

So, make your wedding and honeymoon especially magical and fantastic with Disney’s fairy tale weddings!  Choose your venues, decorations and ideas and a consultant will help you plan out the entire event.  Your beautiful wedding will be a fairy tale with a happily ever after ending!

Keeping Your Kids Safe

Taking your kids to Disneyland is a fun and magical experience for the entire family. But when crowds of people line the streets, it can be easy to lose sight of your kids sometimes and get lost. So here are some tips for keeping your kids safe while still having fun at Disneyland.

  • One of the easiest things to do is to hold hands whenever you’re walking around. This way they can’t run off quickly and you won’t have to chase after them.
  • Another good idea is to dress alike. If you have one kid or many, dressing alike will help you keep track and spot your kids easily. Try wearing the same shirts (maybe you can make shirts for a fun arts and crafts activity!) or all wearing the same colors.
  • Make sure, before you leave the house, to talk to your kids about safety. Go over with them about the importance of safety in a theme park, about not talking to strangers, and about not running off.

  • Discuss with your kids and have a plan in case someone gets lost. Choose a go-to place, maybe the front information center, or another specific location, so that if someone gets separated, they will know to all meet up at that specific location.
  • Since phone numbers can be hard for young kids to memorize, if they are wearing a backpack or have pockets you can put a tag with your name and phone number, so that if they get lost and ask someone for help, they will have your numbers to call you.

Spending the day at Disneyland is packed with fun rides, meeting your favorite characters, and making wonderful memories with your kids. Keeping them safe will give you peace of mind while still having a great day!


What’s Coming to Disneyland

This past weekend was the D23 Expo with announcements about new shows and what’s coming to Disneyland this year and next year! Here are some of the exciting new shows:

The new Star Wars Land will officially be called “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” and open in 2019! You’ll be able to fly the Millennium Falcon and jump into the battle between the First Order and the Resistance! There will be new characters to interact with like BB-8, Chewie, Kylo Ren and more!


The new Pixar Pier will take the place of Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure in 2018. It will still have the same summer-time feel to it but with more of your favorite Pixar characters from The Incredibles, Toy Story and Inside Out!

Just as well, Pixar Fest is coming to Disneyland in 2018 with a new fireworks show in the evening with special character appearances. And don’t miss the Pixar Play Parade that will make its way down the streets of Disneyland with your favorite Pixar characters too!

And if you love the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, get excited because more of your favorite Avengers will be joining! The Super Hero universe will be expanding with Spider-Man and the Avengers for an even more awesome experience fighting with your favorite heroes!

Lastly, the Paint the Night Parade is returning! The spectacular and fan-favorite show will be returning in Disney California Adventure and with new floats too!

So, start getting excited for these new changes that will be coming to Disneyland and California Adventure and get ready for an amazing time!

Secrets About Disneyland

Disneyland is full of interesting facts about the park and its history, but here are some secrets that you might not know about it!

When you go on the Mad Tea Party ride in Fantasyland and spin around in colorful tea cups to fun music, you probably didn’t know that the purple teacup and the orange with diamonds teacup spin the fastest! The two teacups with the hearts spin the slowest, so if you get dizzy easily, ride those cups!

Also, while waiting for the Indiana Jones Adventure ride in Adventureland, you’ll see a bamboo pole with a sign that says ‘don’t pull’, and if you pull it there will be a loud booming noise and it’ll sound like the ceiling is caving in!  You’ll also see a rope with a sign next to it that says not to pull it, and if you do pull it, it’ll make an unseen mine worker fall and voices scream out from the well below!

Just as well, in Snow White’s Scary Adventures in Fantasyland, if you touch the apple it will make the evil queen laugh hysterically!  Be careful though, it is terrifying!



Disneyland is also home to tons of stray cats!  If you ever see a cat running around the park, it’s because they keep the cats around to help control the mouse population.  Don’t worry though, they make sure all the cats get their shots and are fed!

Lastly, if you decide to visit the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in New Orleans Square, here is an interesting fact: when the ride first opened all of the bones and skeletons were made of real human bones!  Now most of the bones are fake, but the skull and crossbones above the captain’s chambers are still real human bones!

So, now you know some of the awesome secrets about Disneyland, and next time you visit the park keep your eyes open for these fun facts!


Mentally Preparing for Waiting in Line

Disneyland is famous for long lines and huge crowds, especially during the summer peak season.  You stand in line for sometimes upwards of an hour just to go on your favorite rides, and waiting in line can get so boring.  So here are some things you can do to make that waiting a little bit easier.

Stand in line with your friends or family!  Time always goes by much faster when you’re waiting in line with people you know and can have fun conversations with.  Try telling jokes, plan other rides you’re going to go on, or just talk about what’s going on in your lives!

You can also turn on some music and sing along or dance while waiting in line.  Just be mindful of people and children around you.


Copyright : Russell Ensley /123RF Stock Photo

Try people-watching while you wait in line!  Look around at all the tourists and crowds of people around you and try making up a back story for each of them.  You can also do this with a friend and try coming up with wild and fun stories about these people!

If you’ve brought snacks with you, now is a good time to eat them while waiting in line.  Instead of sitting down to eat snacks, maximize your time and efficiency and have your snacks while waiting in line.

Lastly, you can play games with your friends like “Categories” and take turns naming something that belongs to that category.  Or play the “Alphabet game” and try to name the objects around for every letter of the alphabet, or “I Spy” or “Charades”!

So, while waiting in lines at Disneyland is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be boring and dull.  Try playing some of these games or activities with your friends and family and time will fly by!